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Learn More About Isla Holbox

Travel as part of learning. Visit Isla Hobox. Isla Holbox (pronounced Holbosch, by the way) is located directly on the north coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is of a manageable size. It is just two kilometers wide and about 40 kilometers long. Perfect for exploring the island on foot, by bike, or with the golf carts that are common here.

A mere 2,000 residents live on the island and in the summertime, there are probably about the same number of visitors on top of that (the hype has only just started). The roads on Holbox are made entirely of sand. This means that when it rains half the island is under water and you have to take a few detours to avoid the huge puddles. Especially in the rainy season, longer power outages can occur again and again.

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Activities and things to do on Isla Holbox

Are you someone who likes to relax on the beach and let five go? Then you’ve come to the right place here in paradise because Holbox is predestined for relaxed days without much action. However, when you get tired of sunbathing, here are things you should try:

  • Walk on the endless sandbank of Las Nubes. A must-do on the island is a walk along the Las Nubes sandbar. It only appears at low tide and you can walk amidst the gorgeous turquoise waters to Playa de Los Flamingos where, as the name suggests, you can spot flamingos.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking sunset. I’ve seen some wonderful sunsets around the world. The setting fireball in the Atacama Desert or the soft yellow-red tones on Lake Titicaca in Bolivia. But Holbox now takes a top spot. As soon as the sun sets, it feels like half the island is drawn to the beach. With a beer in hand, the sky is reverently fixed, where the sun ignites a true spectacle.
  • Kite surfing at Isla Holbox. Isla Holbox’s unique geography and position offer consistent winds from November through May, making it one of the best spots in Mexico to practice kitesurfing and other wind-related water sports. Even if you don’t get on the board yourself, it’s fun to relax on the beach and watch the kite surfers do their maneuvers.
  • Take a boat tour of Isla Holbox. Since Isla Holbox is blessed with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and an abundance of incredible wildlife, a great way to explore the many attractions is to hop aboard a boat tour that takes you around the island. The Three Islands Tour, which visits three places worth seeing, is particularly popular.
  • Discover street art on Holbox. If you love street art, you can’t get enough of the colorful works of art. For such a small island, Holbox has quite a bit of beautiful street art.
  • Where to eat in Holbox. After touring the streets of Holbox, your next thought would be where to eat in Holbox? Many locals recommend Maria Carmita. Savor fresh fish and seafood at Maria Carmita. You can choose your type of seafood from their menu, prepared fresh and live from their raw bar.

Final Thoughts

Holbox is still largely raw and undeveloped, but there is one small town with individual shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels for most budgets. As well as beautiful beaches and glorious sunshine, Holbox’s sparkling Caribbean waters are home to all sorts of marine life. The largest of all fish can be admired here from June to September.