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Science: Are Electric Cars Ecological?

Electric cars are being touted as an extremely environmentally friendly alternative to cars with internal combustion engines.  If you want to write about the automotive industry you can go to car write for us and share your ideas.

Science: Why are electric cars environmentally friendly?

Battery & electricity

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Basically, electric cars are powered by batteries that are charged with electricity. This electricity can be obtained from the home socket as well as from public charging stations. In principle, an electric car is of course better for the environment. This is because the emissions are zero compared to internal co mbustion engines. No CO 2 is emitted, which is a driving force in climate change and the associated global warming.


Overall, there are many studies that make an extremely positive prognosis for electric cars. Vehicles already have at least 16% less CO 2 emissions than gasoline and diesel engines and this should increase to 32% by 2025. Of course, this relates to the entire life cycle. Because while driving, the electric car does not emit any emissions such as CO 2, fine dust or nitrogen oxides.


In terms of the availability of raw materials, electric cars are also better off by comparison, because both lithium and cobalt are not so-called “rare earth metals” in the long term. That means they will be available in the long run.


The environment does not only mean Mother Nature but also your fellow human beings. A clear advantage of electric cars is the volume or their absence. Electric cars are known for their extremely quiet noises.

Based on this information, it could be easily concluded that electric cars have a far better ecological balance than diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles.

Science: How environmentally friendly are electric cars?

If an electric car drives next to, in front of or behind you on the road, it does not produce any CO 2 in contrast to the gasoline or diesel vehicles. They are emission-free in use. However, this quickly leads to the fallacy that modern vehicles are also environmentally friendly.

However, if you also take the manufacturing process and the waste generated into account, the picture is different. The battery in particular is a thorn in the side of many environmentalists and rightly so. Compared with combustion engines, studies, tests and comparisons can be used to say that the ecological balance of the electric car is better. In addition, there is a lot of untapped potential for improvement which cannot be said or only to a very limited extent with combustion engines.