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5 Books For You To Learn All About Jewelry Making

The art of Jewelry making is indeed fun and filled with creativity, however, it is also a test of your skills and it can be a slow process. The skills and skill levels required to complete agile tasks can generally be perfected through lots of practice. So, if you want to have exquisite jewelry pieces like a uniquely designed Butterly Necklace, you need to do a lot of training, read books on jewelry making and practice.

Making jewelry is an art on its own. Several people take interest in this art mainly because of commercial reasons. Jewelry making could also be a hobby. But even this creative hobby can be tough. Therefore, those who are interested should conduct a lot of reading. As with any job and career, there is a steady flow of resources available today to help you make the most of what you love to do.

There are many books explaining the jewelry-making process from start to finish. Many books contain special items that even beginners can use to improve their skills. Even experienced craftsmen can benefit from reading these books. They may propose different methods/skills or offer several perspectives specific projects.

There are so many books and guides on jewelry making, it is difficult to distinguish good from bad. But in this post, let’s take a look at a few that you can start reading from.

5 Books About Jewelry Making That You Should Start Reading

1. A Contemporary Guide To Professional Jewelry Techniques and Traditional Jewelry Making. This is a reprint of the original 1991 Goldsmithing Book. The best read for avid jewelry makers and crafty minds.

2. Wire Wrapped Jewelry Techniques. Wire wrapping is among the many techniques in jewelry making. This book is among the most preferred because all techniques are explained in great detail using images that are really easy to follow.

3. Teach Yourself Visually Jewelry Making and Beading. Beading is among the many styles of jewelry making. This book will show you hundreds of jewelry craftsmanship.

4. Bench Tips for Jewelry Making: One Hundred and One Useful Tips from Brad Smith. Interested to learn more tips in Jewelry making? You will love this book because every tip you will get from this book comes straight from an artisan teacher. Other tips had been contributed by real and professional jewelry craftsmen.

5. Metal Jewelry Workshop. Are you into metal jewelry? Then this book is for you. You will also find proper techniques in jewelry making. This book is great for those who love DIY projects.

Listed are just a few of the many books you can read about jewelry making. The internet alone offers huge information of the subject. Read as much as you can. Learn as much as you need. And get started with your journey to jewelry making.