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Are You Qualified to be an Affiliate Marketer for eLearning Courses?

Education marketing programs aren’t always promoted by educators, as these products can also be promoted by university students or just job-seekers in general. Actually, affiliate marketing programs are income-earning opportunities that people in any profession can take advantage of as sources of extra income The global market prediction for the elearning sector is that the market for online learning courses, materials and tools will reach a value of $457.8 billion in the coming five years ahead.

Such programs are perfect for those who are just starting out or planning to have a change in careers since, joining as an affiliate marketer is low-cost. Online education platforms with affiliate programs, offer a diverse range of courses, from programming to personal finance, fitness, and learning languages.
Here are some examples:

Teachable Courses

Teachable is a software product that you can promote to course creators looking to set up their own online teaching platforms. You can also promote the courses offered by Teachable’s network of online instructors who conduct and handle online courses individually.

In doing so, you can earn commissions for every individual course you promote and convert into actual sales. However, you have to be careful in assessing courses you will promote by vetting the instructor. One way to find out if a course is worth promoting is to directly email the instructor before writing a review.


As many course categories are provided, Teachable has a course discovery tool. Take note that not every course offers an affiliate program and that different programs mean varying terms.


Treehouse is a learn-to-code course that also offers topics on community and networking. It offers a wide range of courses for beginners as well as for advanced learners; giving you a broader range of audience to target for your promotion.


Compared to other platforms, Lambda offers more in-depth and specialized topics compressed into a single class, or as a short course. Lambda is more focused on intensive courses particularly toward helping learners pursue plans of changing careers or in starting a career in computing.

Rocket Language

Promoting this elearning platform is personally backed by the founder of “French Together” Benjamin Huoy. You can choose to promote any of the 14 languages included as choices, namely: Spanish, English, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Hindi, French, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese, and even ASL. Rocket Languages allows high-performing blog articles to enter their free trial form for conversions.
Being a teacher or educator is not a prerequisite in joining affiliate marketing programs. However, to become an effective and successful affiliate marketer, it’s important to create content that can convince your audience that the online courses you are recommending are the best fit for their career development.
Digital marketing expert Jeff Lerner gives advice for you to know more about your readers by looking at the data presented by Google analytics. It would also help to engage with readers looking for advice on the online course; if it’s aligned with their plans to pursue a career change. If you need more pointers on what works and what doesn’t in order to become a successful marketer read reviews of Lerner here