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How Australian Schools Can Reduce Their Vulnerability to Mass Shooting Incidents

Now more than ever, the quality of security alarm systems perth providers must put in place need to be more technologically advanced, especially in schools. Comparatively, school shooting incidents in Australia are fewer than those that occurred in the US. Yet studies show that schools in Australia are generally unprepared, as many are lacking in barriers against intrusions and unexpected acts of violence.

Still, a paper published by the Australian Institute of Criminology, contended that comparing mass shootings and firearm control between Australia and the US isn’t feasible. Mainly because it’s difficult to establish the motives that influenced American mass shooters to commit the unexpected and unfathomable acts of violence. In most cases, the shooters either committed suicide or had to be killed by the responding police to prevent more casualties and fatalities.

Research studies of mass shooting incidents in the US suggest that the offenders usually suffer from mental health problems due to a combination of various causes; such as familial disaffection, social isolation, bullying and economic problems. However, the law cannot control what lies in the minds of mass shooters, particularly the young people who have been reported as showing signs of mental health issues. The Ubalde school shooting incident in Texas, demonstrated that attempting to negotiate with a mentally troubled shooter, can only heighten the risks of getting more people gunned down.

Does Weapon Control Laws Guarantee the Prevention of School Shooting Incidents?

Australians widely believe that the Gun Control Law enacted in 1996 has made it more difficult to obtain weapons for personal use. Yet many are also aware that it’s still possible for criminals to obtain a gun in Australia.

The US also has Gun Control Laws, which allow only legal-aged adults with proper credentials to purchase guns. Yet this did not prove effective in preventing a Michigan middle school student from having access to a gun he used in fatally shooting four students and injuring several others. The police were able to subdue the teenage shooter, who later pleaded guilty. The boy also revealed that he gave his father money to buy the gun for him. It turned out that school officials had already notified the boy’s parents that their teenage son has been showing signs of struggling with mental health issues. Yet the father still purchased the gun for his son. He and his wife pleaded not guilty of being accessory to the crime perpetrated by their son.

Other Factors that Can Help Reduce the Vulnerability of Schools to Mass Shooting Incidents

Most school districts in the US have invested heavily on commercial alarm systems that serve as barriers against intrusion and measures for preventing unexpected violence. The most popular types of security alarm systems are described as high-performance alarms with locking features as extra protection against mass shooting emergencies. They are popular because the alarm and monitoring features can be remotely controlled even by way of smartphones.

Educational institutions can strengthen the protection given to teachers and students by hiring more counsellors. They can also establish a team of mental health professionals who can identify and monitor present and past students who pose as potential threats for having an axe to grind against school officials, teachers or fellow students. That being the case, there must be a point of computerized registration for visitors looking to enter the school premises.