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Importance Of IPTV As Medium For Kids

Television is one of the most important media for education for children and young people.

The basics of iptv as education medium for children and young people

Regardless of the growing importance of the internet and social media, television continues to be one of the dominant media. It can help with the education and everyday life of children and young people. At the same time, the importance of the cinema as an institution is steadily declining. According to empirical studies, television is even the most popular medium for children. This is for children between the ages of six and 13, along with computer games. However, due to the increasing media competition, the importance of television is continuously decreasing.

Due to its relative accessibility due to the widespread distribution of screen media, television is one of the earliest media with which children come into contact alongside picture books, audiobooks and radio. Films, series and other programs broadcast on television also have a decisive influence on children’s and young people’s taste in films.

Education: IPTV can adapt to children’s reception needs

Compared to the cinema, which is largely designed for full-length formats, the abonnement iptv offerings for children and young people can be adapted more flexibly and precisely to the reception needs of their target groups.

abonnement iptv

Three factors contribute to this: Firstly, the program makers have a large number of broadcasting slots with different running times. In this way, the perceptual preferences of the intended age group can be precisely taken into account. Series formats in children’s programs are usually around 26 minutes long. This tends to be structured episodically. Thanks to their rather simple narrative patterns, they do not overwhelm the understanding of films by children of preschool and primary school age.

Second, television exploitation allows fictional and non-fictional broadcasting concepts to be mixed together. There are knowledge and entertainment programs that aim at preschoolers’ education.

From a media pedagogical point of view, there is also a third factor. Since children most receive television programs at home, parents can better control media use. They have to talk to their children about it.