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Know the Science Behind the Benefits Derived from Thai Massage

Thai massageA business trip massage (출장마사지) provided by a Thai Manager is one of the most enjoyed amenities of doing business in South Korea, as local Korean businessmen aim to pamper visiting partners and investors. Different science reviews and research provide data that massage therapy gives a feel-good effect, to which the body responds favorably even after just one session.

Actually, most of South Korea’s general public used to perceive home service massage therapy as a luxury that only the country’s chaebols or affluent business people can afford as a lifestyle. In previous years, South Korean doctors did not put much value on massage therapies as a form of treatment.

Over time and after hundreds of research studies on how massage therapy works as an alternative holistic treatment, many Korean citizens now receive Hometie Massage service.

massage techniquesApparently, their doctors recommended massage therapy to mitigate health issues caused by stress and chronic tension. A home-provided massage service is the most practical remedy as it offers convenience, especially for those suffering from stiffness , soreness or undergoing injury recovery.

The Science Behind the Efficiency of Massage Therapy as an Effective Treatment

The most recent research study showed that on a cellular level, massage therapy helps the body to heal and respond to actions that encourage regeneration and rejuvenation of cells.

The most recent study involved testing blood and muscle samples of individuals before and after worked out vigorously. Divided into two groups, one group of those who exercised vigorously received massage therapy while the other half did not. Researchers were surprised at the effects of the after exercise massage, as the blood and muscle tests showed an increase in the mitochondria-producing genes. Mitochondria is explained as a cellular membrane responsible for energy production and growth.

Moreover, the study also revealed that the deep tissue kneading and lifting of muscle tissues performed in a Swedish massage therapy was able to counter the effect of genes that cause inflammation.

Knowing When to Choose a Hometie Thai Massage or a Hometie Korean Massage

Knowing the science behind the efficiency of massage therapies that keep the mind and body healthy, we now have an idea when to choose an Everybody’s Hometie (모두의홈타이) Business Trip Thai massage or a Business Trip Korean massage.

To improve blood circulation and boost energy level, have a Hometie Thai massage, as it involves therapeutic movements that work on energy pathways.

To stimulate energy flow as well as promote relaxation and release of tension, have a Hometie Korean massage as it uses a blend of Thai, Japanese and Swedish massage techniques.