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Learn the Control Methods for Pests

Are you aware that preventive measures, such as regular cleaning of living spaces and regular visual inspection of endangered supplies reduce the risk of pest infestation? If an infestation does occur, a variety of biotechnical, physical and chemical control methods are available. However, should you opt for organic means to control pests then is perfect for you.

The fight for pest control is divided into

garden pest control

  • Biotechnical-physical: with attractants and traps, through thermal processes (e.g. non-toxic heat disinfestation with hot air ovens or vapors (floor disinfection) with superheated steam), through drying out (e.g. with non-toxic vermin powder)
  • Chemically: through the use of poisons
  • Biological: by natural enemies of the pests
  • Physically: with snap traps, with mouse pads for pile dwellings


General information about chemical pest control

Chemical pest control is used when chemicals are used. These are insecticides against insects, acaricides against mites and other arachnids, rodenticides against rodents, larvicides against the larvae of insects and mites. These are used in spray or mist processes.

Depending on the agent used, the pests ingest the toxins through the skin, respiratory or digestive organs and die from it.

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of chemical pest control

The advantages of chemical pest control consist on the one hand in the general effectiveness and reliability of the individual processes. On the other hand, there are many chemical agents that enable animals to die quickly and painlessly.

The disadvantages of chemical pest control are partly in the area of ​​animal welfare. The death suffered by the pests as a result of the toxic chemicals can be delayed in some cases if certain agents are used or if they are not used correctly, resulting in unnecessary cruelty to animals. On the other hand, resistance to chemical agents can also arise if they are used excessively so that the reliability is at least not one hundred percent.

The main disadvantage, however, is that numerous chemicals, sometimes only through incorrect use, are also harmful to human health and serious poisoning accidents can occur. What most users of chemical pesticides underestimate in this context is the fact that many of the common “chemical clubs” did not have to undergo adequate testing and approval procedures and can be bought and used by any layperson.