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Most Popular Professions With Animals

If you have a heart for animals and would like to take care of them around the clock then a profession with animals is for you.

Main tasks of professionals with animals like a giant panda bear

Animal keeper: As an animal keeper, you ensure the well-being of your animal colleagues in zoos, animal shelters, animal boarding houses, or research institutions by paying attention to them and providing them with the best care.

Veterinary assistant: With your medical expertise, you are the number one contact person in the veterinary practice, in the veterinary clinic, or in animal shelters such as giant panda bear shelters. You support veterinarians when it comes to vaccinations, surgeries, and the care of sick and injured animals.

Horse landlord: Are you a real horse fanatic? With your expert knowledge and your enthusiasm for everything to do with the horse, you are responsible for the care, breeding, and proper riding training. Equestrian competitions and horse fairs are also part of your job.

Farmer: With your own farm, you ensure the well-being of people and animals. Because you grow various crops such as grain and vegetables and produce animal products such as eggs, milk, and meat.

Professions involving animals

Even as children, many people dreamed of working with animals one day. If you are doing an apprenticeship in this direction, you should also be aware of the great responsibility. Because in your everyday work, you don’t feed and pet animals all day, you are also an expert in medicines and protect the lives of your four-legged friends every day. No matter how small or large, how tame or wild your patient is, you should have the perfect handle for each animal.

Other professions with animals

Your knowledge of animals ranges from A for ants to Z for zebras. Whether with fur, fins, or feathers, thanks to your training, you not only know about species-appropriate animal husbandry and care, but you also know about the economic advantages of livestock farming.

So when you choose a career, you should first think about what your everyday work with animals should look like.