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PowerPoint Slide Master for Education

Correct use of the PowerPoint slide master makes creating a presentation a lot easier and leads to more professional results. Many users find it difficult to use it correctly. Working with the slide master is relatively easy if you know how it works.

The PowerPoint slide master does a lot of work for your educational slides

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A presentation today has to be created in an absolutely professional manner. Slides that look somehow tinkered together, mercilessly fail the audience. Not only should the content be of high quality, but also the slide design. Page numbers, headings, font sizes, colors, etc. should be placed the same on every slide. The PowerPoint slide master does this for you. Here you can define the basic structure and google slides themes. Designing each slide individually is a waste of time and small mistakes can creep in quickly. If you use certain elements consistently in all the slides in your presentation, working with the slide master saves a lot of time, since you only have to define the elements once.

Educational presentation: The creation of a master slide

The slide master lets you create a master slide that acts as a blueprint for all of the slides in your presentation. Everything you define in this master slide is automatically transferred to all other slides. This is why you should start working on your slide set in the slide master first. If you set the date on the master slide, this information is set on all subsequent slides and does not have to be selected again and again. If you decide afterward for a different date, you only need to change the corresponding day in the slide master. The date is then automatically corrected on all other slides.

Educational slides: Define the layout and design

Slide layouts determine the formatting of your individual slides. This is where you define where the headings, text fields, tables or images should be on the individual slides. The layouts also include colors, fonts, and the slide background of a slide. Predefined designs are already included in PowerPoint. All you have to do is choose it. You can change the default slide layouts easily in the Slide Master view. If you want to use a certain layout for a certain slide, first select the slide.