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Tips For Choosing Chairs In School

It is difficult for children and young people and often not reasonable to sit on “normal” chairs and work on their schoolwork. Sitting for hours and the associated unchanged posture make an ergonomically shaped chair urgently needed.

Basic guides when selecting chairs in school


The classic chair consists of four identical chair legs, each with a backrest, a seat and optionally two additional armrests of the same height. The comfort of the seat is even more important than that of the backrest.

Wood is known to be hard and unyielding. Sitting on wood for a longer period of time or permanently is neither reasonable nor possible without damaging your health.

Here, the furniture industry is developing all sorts of ideas to make sitting on the chair as comfortable as possible. Both chair upholstery and chair cushions are available for this purpose.


Ergonomics should also be looked at, especially in the work area. It is important to avoid tension and back pain. It should also be possible to sit comfortably for hours.

In this context, the hardness of the seat pad and its height also play a role. Possible armrests or headrests are also decisive factors.

Optics and cleaning possibility

The look of a chair is no less important. So it is important that it fits in with the rest of the interior and blends harmoniously into it. It is also an advantage if the chair is easy to clean.

School desks and chairs for concentrated work

Young people spend most of their time at school sitting. It is a position in which the back muscles are stressed on one side and the lumbar spine is deformed against its natural curve. However, since sitting in school cannot be avoided, adapted school desks and chairs are absolutely necessary. Then it works better with the concentration.


Tips for the right school chairs and tables

  • In order to do justice to all students, you should have enough tables and chairs in different sizes.
  • Chairs and tables must be coordinated.
  • Since students of different age groups work in specialist classrooms, height-adjustable chairs and two different table heights are recommended here.
  • Tiltable table tops are ideal for sitting down.

Things to know for teachers

There is no such thing as a healthy sitting position. In order to avoid long-term postural damage, you as a teacher should therefore know what is good for your students.

  • Tables and chairs adapted to the height of the children
  • Dynamic sitting, i.e. frequent changing of sitting positions
  • Movement breaks

Choosing the right school desks and chairs is of fundamental importance for the health of children.