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Turning notes into Song: Listening to Music & Studying | ClipConverter

It feels good to study while listening to music. That’s why many young people in this generation download songs from YouTube to MP4 using the latest clip converter. Studies show that listening to music at the right time has been proven to have positive effects such as activating the brain and improving memory.


In fact, even in the medical field, there are companies that recommend performing surgery while playing music and listening to music to improve work efficiency. On the other hand, the brain is also not good at multitasking.

Improvement of memory, relaxing effect, merit of music

It’s quite difficult to control your impatience and anxiety on your own. When you feel restless, your breathing tends to be shallow. Then, oxygen does not go to the brain so much, and learning efficiency decreases. Taking a deep breath or meditating is also effective,

With the help of music, your autonomic nerves and breathing can be adjusted smoothly, and you can relax deeply. Music has the power to indirectly control the body so that it also affects physical functions such as heart rate, blood pressure, and the amount of oxygen in the blood. Calm your heart rate with gentle music and get out of the impatient negative loop.

Masking effect with music

According to the National Institute for Environmental Studies, it is becoming clear that the brain is greatly influenced by the environment. On the contrary, by adjusting the environment, it becomes possible to intentionally switch on the brain.

However, you may not know how to prepare the environment and you may think that it will take time. With the help of music, you can quickly set up the environment. Blocking the surrounding voice and noise by listening to music is called the “masking effect”.

Improve your memory and listen to music

The purpose of playing music during learning is to improve memory. The brain has a structure that allows more efficient input when there is a sound of about 50 decibels than when there is no sound around you. Specifically, the volume will be such that it is raining or outside sounds can be heard.

Keep the volume modest, as it is best to have a volume that activates your brain and does not interfere with your learning. Even if you turn down the volume and listen, it is possible to get the effect. Also, if you want to switch your mood to intensive mode at once.

How to listen to music effectively to improve memory

The benefits of listening to music are that it eliminates, external noise and calms the body in response to excessive external stimuli. It is effective to play music from the speakers in the room, but ambient noise will inevitably come in. You might turn up the volume to eliminate the noise.

Improve memory, change music

When it comes to studying for exams, I spend many days staring at words and books in my room all day long. In such a case, it is recommended that you play your favorite song or listen to uplifting music at the break timing you decide. Rather than taking a break without listening to anything, you can feel better and feel better in your brain.