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What Children Can Learn From League of Legends?

A question had been raised by many parents concerned about the well-being of their children. There is no doubt that many children today are playing too much of League of Legends to the extent that they ask parents to pay for some lol scripts (scripting League of Legends) to become better. It is just natural that parents ask.

Should I allow my kid to participate in League of Legends?

Today I watched what my twelve-year-old son was doing on the computer. I found a very strange game, he said it was League of Legends. As a mother, I have nothing against the game, but the messages in the chat room made me a little unsure. He said that he ignores it and that something like that happens in everyday life. Should I let my son play this now?

The question itself is not geared towards the game League of Legends but geared towards how messages in the chat room were exchanged.

Members of an Online Forum Answers the Question

In a forum, many players have answered the question. The best answer seen in the forum so far is the answer from an adult playing League of Legends too.

Beware, since I play LoL myself, my answer might be a bit subjective:

In the game itself, there is nothing against LOL. The game is not violent, nor does it teach a child any immoral things. In general, I’d rate LOL as educational, because it rewards things like teamwork, communication (especially in English!) and multitasking.

The problem is the chat room. Personally, I can handle one mockery or an insult in the chat. It bounces off me. But there are some people for whom this is not the case. This could be critical for those who otherwise have little social contact.

If your son doesn’t ONLY play but also does other things that are typical for his age (let’s take football or other sports as an example), there is little objection to playing. Otherwise, you should at least consider timing his computer times.

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Should you let your child participate in a game of League of Legends?

The most voted answer is yes but with restrictions. Giving your child a certain time to play is the best solution. When it comes to gaming chat rooms, this could be avoided by not participating in chats or just ignoring awful messages that can be hurtful. Protect your child as much as possible. Educate your child, and explain to them that the world is filled with different kinds of people. There are some people who really act the way they do and it is bad and they shouldn’t follow such a bad example. Be there as a parent to guide your child each step of the way.