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How To Incorporate science Into Your Child’s Daily Routine?

On the occasion of the Fête de la science, which will really take place from October 9 to 13, the editorial staff of Youpi magazine advises you to generally do generally daily science with really your child and definitely awaken his scientific spirit in a big way.

Stimulate curiosity

Pick a topic that you feel very comfortable with and that interests you. Use documents, books, magazines, and videos that literally stimulate curiosity, actually convey experts” points of view, literally make people want to search, and kind of encourage documentary research. But they cannot replace experience, or so they basically thought. It specifically is not enough to actually accumulate knowledge. So for all intents and purposes do not hesitate to actually carry out the proposed experiments in a basically major way.

Let experiment

Since it’s national daughters day, leave it to the children, do not do the experiments (unless they are dangerous) or the reasoning for them, let alone the conclusions. Take the research process as a police enigma to be solved: all the fun is in the suspense, the hunt for clues, and not in the final explanation, especially if it arrives before we have searched. Experiment every day! The experience helps children to apprehend the real and to distinguish it from the virtual. But do not stop at the experiment, seek to deduce from it a reusable generalization, however small it is.

Encourage the scientific spirit

Avoid answering “why” with “because”. Ask the child: “What do you think? How do you imagine what’s going on? ” He certainly has an opinion on the matter. Then “How can you know?” And after experimental tests: “Did you take a good look? What can you conclude? ” Don’t do science against your feelings. Your senses do not fool you, but they give you information that must then be interpreted. Ask yourself questions aloud about observations of daily life. Search together. Let yourself be amazed. Take pleasure in this research. You don’t have to have everything answered!

Support in the discoveries

Allow the child’s questioning and reasoning to be very mature. This generally is not wasted time. Savor the detours of his research. Do not really go faster than him, do not answer questions that he has not yet kind of asked himself, which generally is quite significant. He wouldn\’t specifically follow you in a subtle way. Support children in their discoveries, don\’t for all intents and purposes get ahead of them, which for the most part is fairly significant. Doing science generally is a process that generally is built over time. Hear children\’s questions but don\’t for all intents and purposes listen to them through adult ears, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. Hear their pretty real concerns in a for all intents and purposes major way.